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It’s never been easier to design surveys, collect feedback and gain actionable insights.

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Your insight tools

Insight tools are expert-designed research products that make it easy for you to measure what matters.

  • 360 Staff Feedback

    Collect feedback from colleagues all around you, for a 365 view on a range of professional competencies.

  • Performance evaluation

    A feedback tool for supervisors to provide feedback to their direct reports.

  • Leadership feedback

    Feedback from direct reports to their supervisors, on a range of management skills.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Monitor the pulse of your customers so you can keep them satisfied and loyal.

  • Organizational performance (non-profit)

    Monitor the progress of your non-profit organization and collect impact evidence over time.

  • Goal performance

    Track your personal goals, motivation, and self-confidence. Discover what matters in your life.

More insight. Less work.

How it works

Just complete our wizard, add people, schedule feedback, and click start. It’s that simple! Then Survey Graph will do the rest, and deliver you intuitive reports, showing you what matters.

Step 1. Complete survey wizards

Simply select the expert-designed insight tool you’d like to use, then complete our handy setup wizard. You’ll start by selecting the reports you want and then completing your measurement lists.

Step 2. Add people

Next, just add the people you’d like to invite to provide feedback and assign them to groups. It’s as simple as copy’n paste.

Step 3. Schedule feedback

Then schedule how often you’d like Survey Graph to invite people to share feedback. We’ll send them an email invitation, and if they don’t respond, we’ll send them a gentle reminder, helping them complete the survey or opt-out if that’s what they prefer.

Step 4. Get report

Finally, we’ll give you a reporting dashboard that shows overall trends and provides meaningful reports. You can look at trends over time, zoom in on specific issues, or explore differences between groups. If you’re into analyzing the data yourself, you can download the raw data.

It’s easier to get real-time feedback than you think

With Survey Graph, you can easily produce one report or
many reports over time, with small groups or large populations
where you need random sampling.

  • Collect real-time feedback

    Survey Graph provides feedback throughout the year, in real time, so you’re always on top of the trends. Why wait till Traditional research provides too much information, too late.

  • Win more opportunities and avoid threats

    We’re your early warning system, showing you what’s working and what you need to avoid, helping you make the best decisions along the way.

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