Intro to SurveyGraph lingo

To get the most out of Survey Graph, we’d like to introduce you to some of core concepts.

This will only take 5 min, and after, you’ll be off to Survey Graph mastery in no time.

  • User:  This is you, the person using the platform. For social surveys, users are members of your group.
  • Group (page): This is a group of surveys that share elements in common. In the future, groups will own both surveys and communities of users, but for now, groups are the names of organization that own surveys.
  • Insight tool: It’s a measurement product that serves one particular purpose. For instance, we have one insight tool for early stage social enterprises, and we’re building another for more mature ventures.
  • Survey: Each insight tool collects feedback through surveys that are automatically generated from your measurement lists.
  • Measurement list: This is a group of similar ideas, that are automatically converted into surveys.