Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Program Monitoring and Evaluation

for non-profit organizations

Instead of evaluating your program at the end of its lifecycle, SurveyGraph collects feedback throughout your program lifecycles—so that you can learn what works and what doesn’t work, and then figure out how to boost your impact on the fly.



What you’ll learn

Living logic model

Our living logic model talks back, showing you what’s on track and what’s at risk of being missed.


Stakeholder satisfaction

Measure the pulse of your stakeholders and ensure you’re doing what it takes to keep them satisfied.



Monitor your outcome goals to ensure you’re focused on building a better society and planet.



Some of the reports you can select, include:

Progress towards goals

Contribution of activities to goals

Implementation quality

 Stakeholder engagement

 Reputation and brand health

 Advice for success

Effective prioritizing

 Effective engagement






Who’s it for?

We’ve designed this tool for non-profit organizations, working to build a better world.


How to use it

Monitor critical performance and outcome metrics throughout the year, and gather evidence for your formal end-of-program evaluations.



Evaluation principles

This insight tool is based on classic program evaluation approaches, utilizing a “results chain” logic model. It’s a perfect complement to your next evaluation.